About Me

I'm a Published photographer and videographer. I capture and record what I love. I was born and raised in Denver, CO, and have lived there most of my life. Though my interest with photography barely surpassed taking close-up photos with my phone when I was younger, it's since built into a passion to create something more than just a pretty image. So much of capturing good photos has to do with the actual experience that surrounds it, so for me, I love to get to the point of friends with my clients. Why? Because it makes a massive difference. Being able to be comfortable with the person and let the creativity flow is what I believe sets my work apart.

To be honest, my preferred style is a little more candid. I find I get the most genuine photos that way. Every shoot is a new person, and no two days are exactly the same--that's one of my favorite things about being a photographer. Everyone deserves their own personality to shine through their photos, and I don't consider my job done until that's undeniably true.

Because photography is my passion and not my full time job, it allows me to put a level of depth--true depth, depth of meaning and detail and authenticity--into my work that I couldn't provide otherwise. I love to watch faces light up when people look at quality photos of themselves. I love the transformation that happens when a photo inspires a new level of confidence in someone.

This is what inspires and ignites my passion.

This is what drives me to create.