Stay Focused On What Matters


So about a week ago I had the chance to go camping in a really amazing place in Colorado with a couple of photographers. Being the person I am I hadn't even thought twice about the opportunity, and had decided to go. The only thing that came up is that I would have to skip music practice at my church, and also the service. At first this didn't phase me too much, like, okay it's one service and they can do without a drummer for a service, but then something kinda hit my conscience. I wrote about coming out to Colorado to serve. It was something I promised myself I would do. I told myself that I wanted to get plugged in at a church and be able to use my skills to help and grow the ministry. Sometimes when you're at a huge church anything you can offer gets overlooked, which makes it seem less meaningful. For me I get out of something what I put into it, and here I had a way to help this small church that actually needed me, and yet the second an opportunity came up to do something else I almost jumped on it. Granted, there are things I would've skipped for, and I'm not trying to say that you should never skip church or anything like that, but this was a "fun" trip and something I could do later if I wanted to. 

It was crazy to me that I had so easily forgotten the things that matter most to me. Honestly it kinda scared me a little bit. I'm gonna have to work every day to make sure I keep my priorities straight. 

I went to church that week, and like, kinda imagined the other photographers like, ya know waking up and unzipping the tent to this willllddddd view that I was fricking missing as I drove to church. I got there and there was a BBQ that day and I ended up helping grill hotdogs after the service for everyone. This is gonna sound dumb, but I don't think I've ever been happier than at that moment, when I was grilling and serving. Like sure, there are plenty of people that can do that job, but I had made a sacrifice to do this. And like I told you before, I get out of it what I put in... so I got a lot out of that day. 

It's a great reminder for me. I need to choose what really matters over what I want. It was a super hard decision for me, but I made the right one, and I actually don't regret it at all, not even a second. Maybe you're dealing with the same thing, and I guess I just want to tell you that, remember, you start to love what you invest in. Whether good or bad, I've lost friends because they don't understand this simple concept; take a look around and see where your time is going. That will tell you what you really love.

Also, if you wanna understand how amazing the place I was missing was, look up "crested butte, Colorado" and then you can cry on the inside with me. Hehe

Sterling Grinnell