So why 1/1000? Because photography puns. And for those of you who are (understandably) confused, 1/1000 is a setting on a camera related to how much of a moment you're capturing. 1/1000 is a pretty short moment. Just like this blog. Ready to get started?

This is something totally new for me. I am not a writer, nor a preacher or your typical "pastor" type guy at all. I’m sure you'll be able to tell all of that by my writing. But as I’m learning and growing, I thought maybe there are others out there that are like me. There are plenty of people with different goals (non pastor-related) that are more related to things we love to do that are still working hard to obtain and maintain a strong relationship with God. So, for those of you who care to read this, this is what I’m learning, what I’m going through, what's on my mind and what God is teaching me. I secretly hope that nobody reads this because it kind of gives me freedom to write and say whatever I want without the feeling of people "judging" me. Perhaps that’s just another problem I need to get over! Hopefully this blog-ish kinda thing helps me with that. I don't really know where this will go, but if there's one thing I've learned it’s that discomfort forces growth. The best way to move forward is to simply start and learn from your mistakes.

So here goes nothing.

I’ll be posting on my Instagram whenever I write a new post, so if you follow me on there then you'll see whenever I write a new post (if not click the Instagram button below or off to the right!). So yeah, welcome to 1/1000! Maybe you can get as much out of this as I will. I’ll be honest, this is more for my personal growth and to get me out of my comfort zone, but if you wanna keep up with me ... I mean, by all means ... read away!

Sterling Grinnell