Dear Summer,

Soon I'll be arriving back in Colorado to live for the first time in about two years. This is the beginning of summer. This is the start of a refocus on my work.

A lot of you are heading back home from school. So I thought I'd share something that maybe will help you with your summer -- both enjoying it, and getting something worthwhile out of it. Most of you are adults and are old enough to make your own decisions. I just want to say one thing: make the right ones. As simple as that may sound, actually putting it into practice won't be so simple. One time in history class, my teacher told me about one of the queens of England, and how she became the queen at a ridiculously young age. She had this quote when she became queen; it was super simple, but it stuck with me. She just said "I will be good," and for some reason, that really hits home with me. Just be good, be a good person. Don't waste your nights trashing yourself. Don't waste your mornings lying in bed while everyone who's motivated passes you -- and they will pass you -- and one day you'll wake up and wonder why you're so far behind. Nothing compares to living well and with a purpose. 

Another teacher told me that he hates the word "good" because it's so generic, but I've come to love the word for that exact reason. I can apply that anywhere. I just want to be good, live a good life. As generic as that sounds, I'm happy with that. I will suceeed, I will live right. I will work hard.

I will be good.

Make the choice, c'mon, take care of yourself.

Sterling Grinnell