Just Start

  One of the the best pieces of advice I've ever received was this: "just start.” As I talk to more and more people, I realize that so many of them have things they want to be doing, whether that be starting a photography page or a small business. However, almost 90% of those people never even start. There’s a weird form of procrastination in perfectionism. Most people don't think of perfectionism as a form of procrastination; people sit there waiting for the "right timing" or the "right opportunity," and I think most people miss out on the fact that you have to create those opportunities yourself. You can't just sit there and wait for a million dollar idea to walk past you and offer to take you along. I get so frustrated seeing people with talent and ideas that are doing nothing with them. Even if you don't know what you're doing yet, you have to just start. Half of the battle is just taking the first step down the road. You’re not gonna get there right off the bat, but taking small steps down the road that you want to be on is all you need. After that, you’ll see opportunities along the way.

           One of my best friends, Jerrod Moore (who I've mentioned before) is a perfect example of this. He had started getting more serious with his photography a little under a year ago, and has come leaps and bounds since then. Why? Because he just started. He didn't have a business or a plan, but he knew he needed to learn and just start. Now he's on the verge of starting his own photography business. If he had just waited for that opportunity to come up then he would have never reached the spot he's in today. if you want to see some of his work, check out his newest Instagram "@thejerrodmoore" and you can see how far his photography has come! It's incredible, and I'm really proud to have such talented friends. 

             A lot of times you start down a road and it takes you someplace that you had never even thought of before. It opens up so many opportunities and chances to grow and push yourself. By all means, you can sit and wait to get lucky. Who knows: you might be the one in a million person that it works out for. But the chances are you're gonna end up sitting on the side of the road, working your boring office job, or punching a time clock day after day. Another thing that people don't realize is that it actually feels good to go out and work. I think so many people think of work as a negative because they have no purpose in their jobs. I seriously can't imagine being happy as a zombie the rest of my life for some stupid job that I care nothing about. I actually don't think anyone wants to live like that, but do you realize that that’s totally up to you?  So go take the first step! I know you're reading this, and something you want to do is on your mind. Everybody has dreams. So why the heck aren't you putting more effort into that? Seriously, write that goal down, look at it, and ask yourself what the heck you're thinking just twiddling your thumbs. That literally makes no sense. C'mon, take care of yourself. Stop procrastinating, start working toward what you want.

Sterling Grinnell