Passive Income

Passive income is a concept that you’re probably familiar with. If you’re not, it’s not too hard a concept.

It’s uh .. income that you get ... well, passively. So basically you sit back and watch money come into your account from something you've done in the past. I know some people that were able to set up many different types to the point where they can even sustain themselves solely through passive income. But for most it’s a supplement to cover small expenses or even add a little bit of spending money. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t invest a little bit of time into something like that.

I was thinking about this concept and something clicked: it’s exactly like prayer. I like to equate other’s prayers to a spiritual currency. Seeing the power of prayer and what can be accomplished from it, why would I not want a passive stream of prayers coming into my life? Why wouldn’t I "invest" the time into getting that sent into my account everyday? There is no way that I’m able to take on everything that comes into my life on a daily basis; honestly, even thinking about it stresses me out, but I truly notice a difference when I take the time to invest in that passive prayer income. For me, that’s motivation enough. I’m not sure why when I equate it to a business concept it really clicks for me, but I guess it’s just the way that I see it. Imagine if you had 10 people praying for you. No, work harder, imagine if you had 100 people asking God for strength to get you through the day EVERY DAY. 100 people asking for God’s help on YOUR behalf.  All you need to do is watch your account fill up, and see how God works.

Of course, this is a two way street: you also need to be that passive stream for others. They should be able to rely on you to pray for them if they ask. I know for me, half the time I tell people, "Yeah I’ll pray for that," I forget almost immediately. Which is awful. I know why we say that, though -- it’s just the thing you’re supposed to say right? "I’ll pray for that." It just comes out when you’ve grown up in a Christian background. And I realize I don’t always take that seriously. So now when people say they’re gonna pray for me, I text them to remind them because I know how easy it is to forget. I totally believe in the power of prayer, and I will continue to build as strong of a passive stream of prayer as big as I can.

You should too ... there’s NO good reason that you shouldn’t actively build that stream and check to make sure those who said they would pray for you actually are. And you should do the same for them. I suppose this is a good time for me to offer you to email me and I’ll promise to pray for you, (which I’m kinda scared to do to be honest), but I guess I should practice what I preach and build my passive stream. So if you’ve got something you want prayer for, shoot me an email, and I’ll email you back. You can contact me through the links lower on the page, and I promise to do my best for you. C’mon, be smart, watch your account fill up.

Sterling Grinnell