To My Grandma

For starters, I have no idea why we called my Grandma "Granny-Jo." I blame my older siblings and cousins on that one. I was just doing what everybody else was doing. My grandma wasn't your typical grandma. She wasn't the type to bake you a pie, or like, do other "grandmotherly" things. (that's the extent of my knowledge on what grandmas do, since, as I stated before, my grandma was different). She was super feisty. Like, kinda scary to honest. She was the type of grandma that beats you at tennis in the prime of your youth and then calmly sits down like nothing happened. Literally. She was like 75 and beat me, who was 17 at the time. And then just sat down and didn't say anything, leaving me wondering what just happened. Sure, I'm no pro at tennis, but find me another 75 year old lady that can even hold her own against a 17 year old, let alone beat them. Needless to say, I stopped playing tennis after that.

She and I had one of the weirdest relationships I've ever had, yet, one that I cherished more than I ever realized. I guess it's true that you don't realize what you have until it's gone.

She had this crazy Boston accent, and if you told her something bad that had happend she would always always ALWAYS say "oh, Horrors!" But with her accent it came out "oh, ha-rahs", which I began to say to everything when she was around just to mess with her. Someone would say "we are going to the store" and I'd yell "HA-RAHS" right in front of her, "Time for dinner!" HA-RAHS, "Granny-Jo is going to take a nap" (a regular occurrence), and of course I would yell HA-RAHS. Which always earned me a loving glare from her. 

This is the look from her that I lived for. 

She and I were polar opposites, and I enjoyed provoking her to say something to me, and she, in turn, enjoyed roasting me, which I secretly thought was hilarious. It was our really weird way of bonding. One time we were standing next to each other during a sunset in Colorado in my backyard, and I told her that I was gonna become a professional hobo. She looked over at me and said "Well ... you're well on your way," then slowly turned back to face the sun without the slightest crack of a smile. Literally I'll never know if she was joking ... so thanks a lot for that, grandma. I'll ask you one day. I honestly have no idea how to explain our relationship. She was always trying to roast me and I was always doing stuff to make her. And even though maybe no one else understands that relationship, I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. I "fondly" remember her looking at my brother carrying something heavy and exclaiming "wow! look at those muscles!" and then promptly leaning over to me and saying "... don't you wish you had some?" with her arms crossed. Again, no hint of a smile. She still owes me for that one! There's NO WAY I deserved that. Still, it's one of my favorite memories I have with her. Even though you gave me rice cakes instead of baking pies, roasted me instead of giving me compliments, beat me at tennis while barely trying, and had this constant "are you done yet" look on your face, I wouldn't trade you for the "normal" grandma if given the chance. I love you, and I'll miss you.

Also your house smelled weird, and I never liked your weird rat dogs. Just throwing that out there. 100% positive she's up there wishing she could say something back to me about what I just said. Bye grandma. Seeya soon. You can roast me then. In the mean time, promise I wont become a hobo. ;)

Sterling Grinnell