This post is dedicated to my mom, the most underappreciated woman in the world.

    Now, this doesn't mean she’s not appreciated, not by a longshot, but underappreciated simply means not getting the appreciation the subject deserves -- in this case, my mom. Today is her birthday and she's turning ... I have no idea it’s hard to keep track when it gets to the ... uh ... larger numbers (sorry mom!). Still a little bitter than she couldn't wait ONE MORE DAY to have me so that we could share a birthday. But whatever, I’m slowly getting over it. Many of you know close to nothing about my mom, which kinda proves my point here. Those of you that have had the honor of meeting her know that she’s got a heart larger than anything, and that, no matter what, she always did whatever she could think of to make sure my friends had a great time, which gave her the coveted title of "snack queen" (sorry again, mom, not all heroes wear capes!), but I can say that the single most influential person in my life has been my mom. We are basically twins as far as personality, and somehow she always seems to know what I'm thinking or what I’m up to. She sees right through me. We have a connection that makes me laugh and sometimes hurt. Many of you know what I mean because it’s just something moms can do. She’s pushed me to grow, protected me from myself, and showed me my flaws in a way that truly made me change instead of inciting anger. She's lived an example of what she believes and not just talked the talk; she’s shown me unconditional love, and I doubt I can ever express it the way she does. She listens to God instead of her emotions and never lets an opportunity for growth slip by her. She’s got the best work ethic I’ve ever seen, and she pushes herself everyday to make sure that doesn’t slip away from her. Most of all, the thing I admire most about my mom is her ability to take ANY situation and turn it into fuel for a closer relationship with God. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman. No matter what anyone does to show their appreciation for her, she will always be the most underappreciated  person in the world. Happy birthday mom, I love you!

Sterling Grinnell