Who Do You Want To Be?

Picture your ideal self. What does he/she look like? How do they treat people? What are their routines? What do they spend their free time doing?

I think we all realize that this “perfected” version of ourselves is nothing more than a fantasy at the moment. Yet we make decisions every day that take us away from becoming that person. Think about that for a second -- it doesn’t make sense! We know what we want, yet we drive ourselves the other way without even realizing it. How does that make any sense?! That’s mind-blowing to me. I know what I want, and that what I want is what I should want. I want a good thing, a God-honoring thing. I have the right desire in place, but when a decision comes that either moves me closer to that person or closer to the bad version of myself, I far too often choose the bad version.

I think what that choice comes down to is discipline. Some things come down to changing a thought process, or changing your point of view, but I think in this case it's just one of those "put your feelings and desires aside and do it" kind of choices. You just have to choose that you're going to go the right direction before the decisions come. Because once the decisions come, your feelings change, and you start to justify and convince yourself, and ya know what? I’m pretty good at convincing myself to do something I already want to do instead of what I know I should do. So I obviously shouldn’t trust myself for advice.

This is super hard for me, and I for sure don't handle choices like I know I should. But I have to change that. And I need to make that choice now, before I convince myself to do what I want instead of what I should. You don't always have your own best interest in mind, so why the heck would you listen to yourself?! Choose to take steps to become that ideal person that you want to be. C’mon, take care of yourself.

Sterling Grinnell